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Thoughts for the Day

The Seedling

I shine the light upon you each day waiting with anticipation to see the miracle, you are meant to be for you will blossom into that beautiful person for the world to see


Let’s not distort the camouflage of greenery in one’s wallet, for the deposits of dignity and respect are the richness of our worth

Honor the Warriors

Warrior Credo

A true warrior is one that defends when called upon. Those who fight foolishly are embroiled in their own self-conflict.

Warrior Prayer

As you lie in slumber, rest well young warrior and know you served with dignity and honor. 

Find peace in your heart for the Creator has blessed your soul

As you awake from your slumber, you will be whole to stand ready

You will be called upon to join the young eternal warriors



Mary’s Message: More Than This

For all—I am more than this which is true I was blessed by the divine gift from God delivered Angel Gabriel

I am more than this as it is true that I am known as St. Mary the Virgin, the

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary Mother of God, and Queen of Angels

I am more than this as I am mother to eight whom I taught to freely

express thoughts and emotions for my children as I do in heaven.

For all that I am on earth, I love the blessed children of the world today for they in their innocence are ones most volatile to receive much needed love and care

I am much more than this!

Angel’s Journey

Almighty Creator, grant me the power to help the powerless, bless me with your wisdom

For an Angel’s journey is never-ending watching over your children with unconditional love

You have granted me this wisdom and enduring patience to guide, protect, and serve

I take this blessed oath, in all that I do in your name, as your servant and the keeper of your children

For it is you, Almighty, the Creator of the universe, that I commit to and will persevere through good and bad …..  I do this in your name!

The Bridge

The bridge in life is the salvation from troubled waters below

The bridge above your valley carries you to safety on life’s journey

The bridge in your life is the safety net that funds your future

Your bridge, your journey, your success

Family and Friends

Your Eyes

Your eyes are fresh and light the room with happiness and hope

Your eyes are alert always seeking your next adventure within your world

Your eyes will shine bright to your true north guiding you to safe harbor

Your eyes are the window to your soul that is filled with goodness and love

Your eyes will change the views that seem askew and make them right

Your eyes

Is There Ever Enough Time

Is there ever enough time? Is there ever, ever enough time?

For is it time or the moment in time that we have which makes these moments special

We reflect in our minds what we say and want to say within our hearts

For when we speak the love in our hearts, we will never regret the time spent to say, “Is there ever enough time?” 


The breeze upon my back cooling from the day’s sun

The breeze upon my body lifting me gently forward reminding me what lies ahead

The breeze is the driving force and momentum I seek

The breeze upon thee lifting me up as I face the headwinds in life

The Breeze upon me

The World Around Us

A Parent’s Pledge

As parents, we are the navigators of our children’s lives by charting their maps guiding them along your journey exploring their world

In doing so, we anticipate the best, safest, and loving direction for your children

If blown off course, they look upon their compass will know true north resides in their heart is that place they call home

For one day, they will set sail and captain their own journey in life in the hopes it will guide them to safe harbor and blue skies


He thinks of that day of his rainbows return.

It reminds him his struggles and stormy past will soon fade

Each rainbow brings hope and good fortune that is his pot of gold

The magic of the rainbow are the good things that are soon to come

Dare to dream of your rainbows return for “your” new beginnings

and start life anew.

A New York State of Mind

This Hallowed Ground

This hallowed ground, for which it stands, united to all

This hallowed ground was paid for by the sacrifice, honor, and

determination, for the future of their children

This hallowed ground was birthed by our forefathers, of immigrants from afar, who laid down the framework

This hallowed ground affords us the freedom to express our thoughts,

Beliefs, and actions in many ways

This hallowed ground of the brave allowed us to celebrate the “birth” day

of this great nation

Happy Birthday America and for this beautiful gift


Hanging Around

Hanging around for my train to arrive

Hanging around for that train with thoughts swirling around as to what lies ahead

Hanging around for that train to arrive to fulfill my accomplishments and destiny

Hanging around, just, hanging around for my adventure is about to begin seize the day or hang around