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About The Author:

Nick Olsen began his spiritual journey, seeking answers to the questions he had about his life, more than 14 years ago, shortly after his father passed away. He found that through meditation, he could find the peace, harmony, calmness, and answers he had been longing to achieve. Meditation gave him the focus and direction he was looking for in his life! Three years ago, the metaphysical or “The Universe” Nick, and “The Physical” Nick intersected into his present form of expression. “The Inspirations of the Universe” became a reality on the premise of bringing words of Hope, Encouragement, Unconditional Love, and Understanding to all. Nick hopes that the thoughts in this book help address your everyday struggles, challenges, and lead to answers to your life questions.

These messages I’ve written reflect both the best and worst experiences we all face in life. Most importantly, the poems are my way of offering inspiration, hope, and encouragement to every person in the world we share. The poems are here to help us grow individually. And to help us grow together, in a global community of Spirit.

I hope you’ll read these poems with earnest reflection and consider how they apply to your past and present life.

To foster your engagement with the poems, I’ve included a blank page adjacent to each one for you to take notes, jot down personal inspiration, and thoughts.

My wish is that you’ll find reading and learning from this collection as powerful an experience as I did in its creation.

Namaste,  Nick Olsen

Photos of Nick Olsen

Author Nick Olsen The Inspiration of the Universe Poetry Poet v3  Healing Words Healing Heart For a Loving Soul by Nick Olsen Nick Olsen Poetry Reading at Dolphin Bookstore Port Washington NY November 6th 2013 v1

Book Artwork

Author-Nick-Olsen-The-Inspiration-of-the-Universe-2015-v3.jpg  Healing Words - Healing Heart - For a Loving Soul by Nick Olsen


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Healing words – Healing heart
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